The Little Barn Philosophy

At Little Barn Preschool, our philosophy is centered around nurturing the whole child, instilling a love for learning, and fostering a deep connection with nature. We believe that children thrive best in a supportive, engaging, and enriching environment that caters to their unique personalities and individual needs.


A Well Rounded Approach

Focusing on the development of our students

Little Barn Preschool is a unique school that incorporates a combination of educational philosophies to create a unique community for students and families. For most of the day, the teachers act as a guide to help students explore hands-on activities at their own pace. Children are encouraged to be independent by picking up after themselves, learning to cook and prepare occasional snacks as well as caring for the many animals and crops that live on the property. Students learn by making real-world connections through the many educational themes offered through our curriculum. Little Barn also focuses on self-sufficiency by teaching students how to grow their own food and learn how to care for the farm animals. We are proud to offer a home-like atmosphere along with a dependable routine to ensure students thrive in the most compassionate and loving atmosphere.